About the Project:


Welcome to the Equivalents Project. This project is the working out of a creative concept of blending and layering of the short form photo essay with the written word. It is a pondering of life in the cosmos from an ordinary human trying to discover meaning and pursue intention.

The word Equivalents is borrowed from the concept photographer and art promoter, Alfred Stieglitz, promoted and communicated to Ansel Adams. The concept became axiomatic to his work and is proving to do the same to mine. To paraphrase the concept, a great image (or work of art) is composed not just of what was there but is the equivalent of what the photographer saw and felt. The Equivalents Project is an attempt at that.

The Volumes presented in this project are not comprehensive, nor will they necessarily maintain a consistent subject matter. They are not perfect. Sometimes they do not resolve or are incomplete, and as such are the equivalent of a limited experience. They are subjective in nature and stream of consciousness in construct. They are personal.

To help fund the project, I am making all the selections from each Volume available for purchase as high quality photographic prints. For more on the prints and options please see the SHOP page.


About Me:

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My name is Jason Koons. I am Husband and Father, a former full time and currently part time surfboard designer/shaper, a part time photographer, a business owner of the afore mentioned enterprises, and a full-time construction manager. I hold a B.A. in Visual Communication and Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I currently reside in the seaside town of Carlsbad, CA.

As often as I can I go into the what we call the wilderness to camp, hike, and explore new and familiar places. These trips help me grapple with my condition as a human living on this planet at this time. This project documents those journeys in their physical and psychological manifestations. I truly hope you enjoy.